Intuitive Guidance
Manifesting Miracles with Krista through cards, coaching, & connection


Ready to make peace with the past and manifest miracles into the present?

I'm here to help you learn how!


As a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher,

attuned Reiki practitioner, and natural intuitive

medium who personally suffered, healed, and

transformed from trauma,

I intuitively guide* and coach those who are ready

to manifest a life of abundant health, freedom,

and fulfillment.

Through personal card readings, intuitive

guidance, yoga, meditation, Reiki energy healing,

& support through the

5 Steps to Manifesting Miracles online course

I connect my clients with Spirit to help them

fearlessly face and heal old wounds, tap into their

intuitive power, and learn how to manifest miracles

into daily life.

Ready to receive greater clarity, insight, and guidance on your journey?

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