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What better way to hold healing crystal energy than by wearing it?


This Labradorite, Quartz, and Obsidian bracelet is made with genuine crystal polished round beads over clear stretchy string.


Labradorite heightens the ability to focus and ignore external influences. It helps manage difficult emotions and encourages new ideas and opportunities. Increases ability to shift awareness.


Rose Quartz promotes self-love and physical and emotional heart healing. It aids in the trauma recovery process, and helps release anger, rage, and fear, while fostering love.


Obsidian is very grounding and protects against negative energies, thoughts, and feelings. It dissolves emotional blockages and enhances clarity and courage. Improves circulation and deep tissue healing.


Clear Quartz cleanses energy and releases blocked emotions and promotes calmness. Increases clarity, brings spiritual peace, and amplifies the energies of other crystals.

Labradorite, Quartz & Obsidian Stretchy Bracelet

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