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Soothe, soften, and protect dry skin!

Small batch home-made whipped body butter with mindfully sourced and organic ingredients:

- Shea butter; soft and moisturizing

- Kokum butter; protective, nourishing, improves elasticity

- Coconut oil; hydrating and moisturizing

- Jojoba oil; nourishing, super moisturizing, anti-bacterial, and promotes glowing skin

- Beeswax; protective, moisture-locking, anti-inflammatory, Vitamin A

- Vitamin E oil; promotes cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging

- Lavender essential oil; gentle, healing, and calming

- Peppermint essential oil; soothing, invigorating, naturally cleansing

Limited quantity available due to small batch sizes.

Contact me for custom orders!

Soft & Soothing Whipped Body Butter

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