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"5 Tools to Release and Reset when Anxiety Strikes!"

Ever feel like something's missing from your life?

Can it be difficult to feel good about yourself, your past, and what's ahead in your future?


Does your daily life often include:

  • Anxiety, stress, and guilt

  • Lack of clarity and self-confidence

  • Believing you are unworthy of success

  • Difficulty letting go of past experiences

  • Exhaustion and burn-out

  • Lack of purpose and joy in life


Do you feel blocked from being able to truly LOVE YOURSELF and LOVE YOUR LIFE?


As an RYT-200 Wellness Engineer that personally experienced healing and freedom from a painful past, 

Krista designed a 90-day coaching program to help you achieve:

  • Natural anxiety and stress relief

  • Increased energy, mental clarity, and confidence

  • Renewed worthiness and self-love

  • Acceptance of loss and past experience

  • Reconnection with past loved ones

  • Manifestation of positive experiences

  • Joy, purpose, and fulfillment in life


Are you ready to FREE YOURSELF from the past and MANIFEST MIRACLES into the present?


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"5 Tools to Release and Reset when Anxiety Strikes!"

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5 Tools to Release and Reset
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