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Make peace with the past.
Manifest miracles into the present.


Krista Lindquist

Traveling Intuitive Guide & Yoga Teacher

Krista helps women make peace with the past, develop connections with Spirit and loved ones, and learn how to manifest miracles into daily life.

After 4 years as a yoga teacher and wellness coach, Krista found that group classes couldn’t go deep enough to create lasting inner peace and healing. She began offering 1-1 sessions to guide her clients to quickly move beyond grief and guilt, access powerful intuitive guidance, and manifest healing and a life they truly love. She’s the author of the soon-to-be released book, The Daisy Diaries, which shares her journey through love, tragic loss, healing and discovery of her life purpose.  While traveling the country by RV with her daughter, she hosts camping retreats, self-care workshops, and offers personal card readings and intuitive coaching.

You can follow her at @jaeraewellness on Instagram and Facebook.

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With her experience in personal healing from trauma and loss, yoga, holistic therapies, life coaching, and channeling Spirit, Krista intuitively guides women that are ready to reconnect with their true selves, make peace with the past, and manifest miracles into the present.  She offers:

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Who is JaeRae?

JaeRae is my daughter, Jaelyn Rae, who has inspired my life since her birth.

After experiencing a series of tragedies and extreme depression and anxiety as a teen, bringing Jaelyn into the world brought meaning back into my life.  Without her, I wouldn't be here today.

Jaelyn motivated me to set and achieve higher goals.  Most importantly, she helped me realize that climbing the corporate ladder and meeting social expectations do not always equal success or happiness.
She reminds me that real success comes from loving yourself and living your true passion, and that I'm here to share with the world what I strive to teach her most:
self-love, connection, and holistic wellness.

Since Jaelyn Rae inspires my passion to help others heal and find their own success, her name owns and defines it all.
With that, JaeRae becomes more than a name, it is a way of life - full of love, freedom, and fulfillment.

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