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Krista Lindquist, Wellness Engineer
Certified Wellness Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, & Chemical Engineer

Engineering connections of mind, body, & spirit



With her experience in personal healing from trauma, life coaching, yoga, and engineering, Krista designs custom self-care toolkits for women that are ready to reconnect with their true selves, find freedom from the past, and manifest miracles into the present.  She offers:


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My Story

Krista Lindquist

Wellness Engineer

Certified Wellness Coach & Registered Yoga Teacher
B.S. Chemical Engineering


At age 18, the birth of my daughter, Jaelyn Rae, gave my life new purpose after experiencing an unusual series of tragedy and loss.*

Though she filled me with inspiration, life was very stressful!

As a young single parent in engineering school, I relieved stress by over-exercising.  Many injuries later, I realized my “stress relief” was not relieving but adding stress to my body, so I joined a yoga class.

I experienced my first glimpses of inner peace and enlightenment in that class, inspiring my dedication to a regular yoga practice that actually helped me relieve stress, heal from my painful past, and find freedom and peace from within.

My first opportunity to teach yoga appeared while working as an engineer.  Because nothing goes together like yoga and engineering, right?

In 2016, I helped build an employee wellness program for my employer.  After its first year, the organization celebrated lower insurance costs and higher employee morale.

Little did I know, helping create positive and healthy change was only beginning my transformation...

In 2017, I was certified by NETA (National Exercise Trainers Association) as a Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor, and began their 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) training program.

I immediately began teaching yoga for my organization and local communities.

My realized passion for sharing yoga, mindfulness, and inner healing with others lead me to resign from engineering in January 2019 and establish JaeRae Wellness, LLC.

In 2019, I also became a Certified Yoga Trapeze® Teacher through the Yoga Teachers College® to incorporate the healing benefits of spinal traction into my clients' practices.

In 2020, the pandemic halted my workplace and community yoga classes, so I moved online!  Realizing the need for deeper connection and support, I opened my schedule for to accommodate more 1:1 coaching clients.

Following a craving for my own deeper knowledge and support, I completed a second RYT-200 training and transformation coaching program with T Nolan Yoga later that year.

Shortly after, my daughter and I took the opportunity to travel by RV full-time!

I now offer 1-on-1 Freedom & Manifestation coaching and yoga classes online

while traveling and supporting my daughter, Jaelyn, through online homeschooling. 


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 With my unique experience, knowledge, and self-care tools that helped me heal and find personal freedom, I guide my clients on their own journeys to healing, liberation, and manifesting their dreams.

I serve women who are ready to step into the power of their truth and love their life!

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*Check out my Blog to read more about my story.


Who is JaeRae?

JaeRae is my daughter, Jaelyn Rae, who has inspired my life since her birth.

After experiencing a series of tragedies and extreme depression and anxiety as a teen, bringing Jaelyn into the world brought meaning back into my life.  Without her, I wouldn't be here today.

Jaelyn motivated me to set and achieve higher goals.  Most importantly, she helped me realize that climbing the corporate ladder and meeting social expectations do not always equal success or happiness.


She reminds me that real success comes from loving yourself and living your true passion, and that I'm here to share with the world what I strive to teach her most:

self-love, mindfulness, and holistic wellness.

Since Jaelyn Rae inspires my passion to help others heal and find their own success, her name owns and defines it all.


With that, JaeRae becomes more than a name, it is a way of life - full of love, freedom, and fulfillment.

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