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5 Steps to Manifesting Miracles
Manifest Miracles with Krista through cards, coaching, & connection

Do you ever feel...

  • Nagging anxiety that something's missing or not quite right?

  • That there's got to be more to life beyond job titles and possessions?

  • That you're crazy for sensing signs from past loved ones or other unknown beings?

YES there IS more, and NO you are not crazy!


My 5 Steps to Manifesting Miracles program is designed to help you:

  • Feel inner peace, confidence, & zest for life

  • Connect to a higher power of unlimited knowledge & support

  • Access effective tools to heal old wounds & manifest your true desires

  • Progress at your own pace with 90-day, 6-month, or 1-year packages

As a certified wellness coach, yoga teacher,  Reiki healer, and

natural intuitive who personally suffered, healed, and

transformed from trauma,

I intuitively guide* those who are ready to manifest

a life of abundant health & personal freedom.

Through a custom blend of intuitive card readings, coaching,

energy healing, & 24/7 support through the

5 Steps to Manifesting Miracles online course

I connect my clients with Spirit to help them fearlessly

face and heal old wounds, tap into their intuitive power, and

learn how to manifest the ultimate miracle:

unconditional self-love, joy, & fulfillment.

Ready to take life to the next level?

Take the first step by booking an Introductory Card Reading to gain immediate clarity and discover whether the Manifesting Miracles program is right for you:

*Learn What is Intuitive Guidance?  and other FAQs here:

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