"In this busy life, we rarely take the necessary time and effort to refuel our mind and body. I never thought I would have extra time to fit anything else into my already hectic day, but after attending one of Krista's onsight classes and actually "feeling" the amazing results, I was I instantly hooked and I now make it a priority to attend one of her weekly yoga sessions. (side note - I am actually extremely disappointed if I have to miss it as that's how good/relaxed you will feel when you leave).

Krista has a calm and peaceful presence and her technique is very comfortable and soothing. Doing yoga with Krista is like hitting the reset button and adds calmness and clarity to the stressors I experience with work and life. And as it turns out, even a non-flexible person like myself can do this and feel great. I highly recommend attending one of Krista's classes. You won't be sorry and you will leave asking yourself "why didn't I do this sooner". Your mind and body will thank you for it too!"

- Kari Bullard

Senior Social Worker

"You are magic!  My body and spirit feel much better after yoga - thank you!!"


"I jumped at the chance to try out jaerae’s hanging yoga. My back and body thanked me for my choice. A warm up flow and some hang time. I felt light and free afterwards. Can’t wait for the chance to delve in again."

Jenna Smith

“On the suggestion of the Wellness Committee, we enlisted Krista to lead yoga and other wellness programs at Northwire, Inc. This became a main component of our wellness strategy leading to a healthier workforce, allowing us to keep insurance premiums in check. Krista’s approach is always positive and encouraging.   She offers sound advice to help with one’s emotional, physical and nutritional wellbeing.  I am truly appreciative all that Krista has done to make our company a place that people want to be.”

-Joe Van Landschoot

General Manager

"After coaching with Krista, I’m overall much more relaxed, confident, and sure of myself. My breathing has also improved! Krista was the best I could ask for, as in I never felt judged, she was always understanding, said what I needed to hear, and just made the overall experience very comfortable and easy. Before coaching with Krista, I tried to be mindful of myself, my feelings, and needs, but I still found myself relearning the same lesson over and over and feeling worse. It was extremely beneficial to have someone like Krista on the outside looking in to help guide me. Now, I feel a lot more at ease and equipped knowing I have all the tools I need. Krista helped me unlearn that living is suffering and instead, life can be easy!."

Meghan Elizabeth

"I began attending Krista’s onsite yoga sessions at my work and really enjoy them. She has an amazing positive energy, always checks in with her participants and adjusts her sessions to meet our needs. I highly recommend her!"

- Suzette Bechly, MSW

"Krista was instrumental in getting our wellness program off and running. Her passion and devotion to helping others achieve their personal wellness goals helped drive this effort. It is now a sustainable program that moves forward through direct Team Member participation and feedback. We also continue enjoy the unique benefit of yoga instruction provided by Krista as she is a certified yoga instructor. The wellness program and breath breaks/yoga provide unique personalized wellness programming that Team Members can customize to fit their personal lifestyles and health goals. We are very excited to offer these opportunities for our Team Members!"

-Lynda Flores, HR Manager

"I feel rejuvenated and come away with a more positive attitude from Krista's Classes"


"Krista does yoga sessions and breath breaks at my work and does a fantastic job! We all look forward to the days she is on-site. She is always in tune with the needs of the participants and adjusts the yoga sessions accordingly. She is a very warm and caring instructor and her positive energy lights up every room she enters!

I have also done personal yoga sessions in her home studio with my baby and we had so much fun!

If you are interested in starting a personal wellness journey, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Krista at JaeRae Wellness to help tailor one specific to your goals! She’s awesome!"

- Bridget Locke

Senior Marketing Specialist