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Your ancestors have waited your whole life for this moment!

In this powerful book, the fourth in The Ancestors Within series, get ready to celebrate and honor the ancestors who came before you, in order to create the transformation in yourself, and generations to come.

The 25-author cast, all experts in ancestral healing, share stories of life-changing moments, and then step up with their master tools, to help you understand the gifts you’ve received from your sacred origins. Whether you know your lineage or not, this book offers discovery, connection, and healing. What if there’s something you haven’t learned yet that could change everything? The Ancestors Within promises to teach you powerful practices, ceremonies, tools, and strategies that will shift how you live, work, and leave your legacy.

In Chapter 13, The Birth and Death That Healed Me: Receiving and Sharing Healing Connections, Krista features her daughter, Jaelyn, in their unique story of the past and future ancestors that literally saved Krista’s life and inspired her to become the healer that she is today.

Krista and Jaelyn show us how monumental it is to not only heal yourself and past ancestors, but to also pass that healing to future ancestors and break old chains of suffering completely. Their tool teaches us simple ways to open our channels to divine communication and support the journeys of our children to continuously heal and grow together.

The Ancestors Within: Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins

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