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5 reasons & ways to make self-care your New Year's resolution

Ah, the New Year is here once again. And this year we bring closure to an entire decade! More now than ever, many are ready to end this chapter and start fresh in 2020.

Have you started writing your New Year's Resolutions yet? Let me make it easy for you. All you need for the next decade of success is one thing: self-care.

By self-care, I don't mean the [usually short-lived] promises to lose weight, quit all "unhealthy" habits, or run for miles a day. Goals like these tend to diminish our enthusiasm and cause more harm than good.

What I do mean by self-care is a dedication to mindfulness and self-compassion that fosters healing, growth, and a sense of peace from within.

So this year, I invite you to drop the rigid schedule and expectations, and pick up a hug-full of loving self-care!

Here's 5 reasons why self-care should be your top resolution this year:

5. Your cup has to be full to fill anyone else's.

Do you often set aside your own desires to help others? Have you considered what you're actually giving when your own cup is empty? Taking care of YOU first isn't selfish, it's doing us all a favor!

4. Life is short. Enjoy it!

We live in a busy world that's always racing to the next big thing. But let's face it, when rushing too fast to stop and smell the roses, the only race you're really winning is to the grave. Let yourself slow down and enjoy this very moment, just for you.

3. Increase energy, naturally.

Slowing down to indulge in self-care actually helps boost your energy level and productivity, allowing you to jump back into action stronger than ever!

2. Let your body heal.

Establishing a regular self-care practice is key to supporting balance of the parasympathetic nervous system. This "rest and digest" state is critical to our bodies' abilities to recover and heal from illness and injury.

1. Better mood, healthier mind.

At least 1 in every 5 American adults is experiencing some form of mental illness. Nurturing your body and mind with regular self-care is a natural remedy for elevating your mood and sense of well-being.

Now, self-care looks and feels different for everyone. What I consider relaxing may sound like torture for you. But that's what self-care is all about, reconnecting with yourself and discovering what makes you feel good inside and out... and then doing more of that!

Here's 5 ways to explore self-care and find what feels good for you:

5. Take a bath.

Add some Epsom salt and essential oils for a detoxifying spa experience. Or take a hot shower, hot tub, or sauna instead. Maybe sip a cup of hot chocolate or tea. Let the heat warm you up and relax away tension.

4. Get out in Nature.

Take a short walk outside. Explore winter sports like skiing, snowshoeing, or sledding. Just sit or stand outside for a few deep breaths. Take in the fresh air and all the sights and sounds nature has to offer.

3. Turn off devices.

Schedule quiet time without the stimulating distractions of your phone, computer, TV, etc. Meditate, listen to music, read a book, pick up that pen or paintbrush, chat with a loved one, or just sit and enjoy the silence!

2. Try something new.

Join that new class you've been thinking about. Sign-up for a workshop or retreat. Learn about alternative healing tools like crystals or essential oils. Make a new recipe or craft. Take a new route to work. Or if you're a busy-body like me, try doing nothing at all!

1. Listen to your body.

Does it need rest? Go to bed early tonight. Does it want to move? Take a walk. Is it feeling lonely? Call or write to a loved one. Is it sore or uneasy? Schedule a massage or energy healing. Does it need some help? Ask for the help you need, whether from a neighbor or health professional.

Remember every day is different, and so are your body's needs!

Some of these ideas may sound great, absolutely terrible, or inspired new ideas for activities of your own. Whatever feels good for your body and soul, may 2020 bring you endless opportunities to unplug and indulge in self-care.

Looking for more ideas or support on your self-care journey? I'm happy to be your personal guide towards greater wellness. From personal training, yoga, and meditation to wellness coaching, I'm here to help you find what feels good for YOU!

Contact me today to schedule your FREE 15-30 minute Discovery Session.

Wishing you and yours a very peaceful and prosperous 2020!



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